Section 1 -  How many people do you wish to accomodate
Offices Individual Offices Open plan desks(or shared offices) Hot desks (visiting employees)
People without a permenant desk  
Section 2 - How many meeting/training/general purpose rooms do you need
Rooms Large(Up to 25 people) Medium(Up to 12 people) Small(Up to 8 people)
Section 3 - What general facilities do you need
Main reception Large(2 receptionist and 20 guests) Medium(2 receptionist and 10 guests) Small(1 receptionist and 6 guests)
Waiting area Large Medium Small
Work station Large(10-16 people) Medium(6-8 people) Small(4 people)
Accounts room Large(4 people) Medium(2 people) Small(1 people)
Manager room Large(4-5 people) Medium(2-3 people) Small(1 people)
General Manager Large(4 person sitting with meeting table) Medium(3 person sitting) Small(2 person sitting)
Chairman room Large(4 person sitting ) Medium(3-2 person sitting) Small(1 person sitting)
Computer/Server room Large(up to 30 racks) Medium(up to 20 racks) Small(up to 5 racks)
Filling and storage room Large Medium Small
Copy /print Areas Large Medium Small
Kitchenettes or tea points Large Medium Small
Section 4 - What employee welfare facilities do you wish to provide
Breakout areas Large(upto 20 people) Medium(upto 10 people) Small(upto 6 people)
Full service restaurent Large Medium Small
Gymnaesium Large Medium Small
Sickroom/first aid Large Medium Small
Section 5 - Have we forgotten anything
Description Quantity Size Sq. Ft.
Company information
Company Name Contact Person
Email* Telephone