11 Minimalist Ideas for your living Room

1.Emphasize on Adding Cozy Textures

“The quickest way to add more depth, and warmth to your space is to add more cozy textures. When it
comes to cozy textures think both in regards to look and touch.
Since a minimalistic interior design usually is sparingly decorated and uses fewer textures, simply focus
on adding the right amount of softer and cozy textures to your space, will create a warmer feeling”

2.Implement a Neutral Color Palette

“To keep the minimalistic interior feeling, opting for a more neutral color palette is a good way to go. Think whites, beiges, greiges, grays and small touches of browns for a warmer feeling.”

3.Decorate with Books

” To me, books add such a great character and create a feeling of warmth and meaning to a living room.
Focus on decorating the books in a more collected and curated feeling to keep that minimal vibe at the core.
You do not need to turn the book covers the opposite way as in the photo above, while this looks minimalistic – not the most practical to pick up that favorite read of yours “

4.Incorporate a Few Large Plants

” Large-scaled plants definitely cannot go wrong in most interiors. Add fewer and larger pieces of green plants, into your home to keep a cozy yet minimal vibe into your space. “

5.Decorated Coffee Table

“Curate your living room coffee table with collected meaningful objects that inspire and create a cozy living room setting.
The key here is to keep it simple yet decorative at the same time. You can achieve simplicity by making sure the objects are collected in an organized manner.”

6.Decorate with Outdoor in Mind

” If you are lucky enough to have large windows or doors with a good view, use them to your advantage. Decorate your space with both indoor and outdoor in mind for a successful cozy minimalist interior design.
Think about those cozy string lights along the balcony rails, that will create such a cozy vibe from outdoor to indoor during the evenings.”

7.Warm Up With Decor Pieces

“A cozy minimalistic living room interior should be focused on sparingly meaningful decorative pieces.
Yes decorative – they do not need to only be functional here, which is the usual minimalistic approach. Soften and warm up your interior by selecting pieces that have meaning to you and that are of warmer tones.”

8.Think Wabi Sabi

“Think of the Wabi Sabi interior style and add decorative pieces that have an imperfect and organic feeling to them.
Whether you choose to do this in actual ceramic objects like vases, or through art – it does not matter.
Focus is on warming up the space more, and by adding an imperfect object to your space, with a good story, you will surely do so.”

9.Add Natural Materials

“Soften up your space both look-wise and touch-wise by incorporating cozy natural materials like wool and linen.While natural materials tend to cost more, focus on quality over quantity here.
A tip here is to find artists on Etsy who create stunning items like blankets and pillowcases.”

10.Concealed Storage

“To keep that minimal interior feeling, make sure you have concealed storage, to keep the space feel uncluttered.
You want the eyes to be focused on simplicity and at the same time get cozy moods from all the examples in this article – the focus should be on this.”

11.Display a Wall Art

“Nothing speaks cozy and meaningful more than curating stunning and inspiring art walls.
Especially think of adding prints to your wall that feel warmer, and soften up your otherwise plane starker wall.”

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